Independent Sessions

From about 3 1/2 years we invite children along to our independent sessions...where the fun reaches another level

Wednesday 1.45pm - 2.30pm 

Now it is time to go it alone....once children have the social skills to join us independently we can encourage a new stage of learning in our room is full of stimulating and vibrant learning opportunities.  In the initial stages some parents work alongside their children to ensure they are happy but in essence these classes are designed for our coaches to work with the children with a maximum one to six ratio.


The session follows the main structure and coaches can provide additional challenges for individual needs as required on request in advance by carers.


All children are encourage to engage in the British Gymnastics Badge scheme as challenges are charts marked off as children progress.  Every term we introduce a new badge and work with the children to help them gain the award.


The key is to have fun and help children grow in confidence in a safe and stimulating environment. 


You can try up to 3 sessions on a "Pay as you go" basis to ensure the class is right for you and that logistically you can make the commitment to the sessions in your busy timetable