Class Information

What We Do

All our sessions last 45 mins and are structured as follows

  • Exploring Time (5/10mins)

  • Warm Up & Hand Apparatus (15mins)

  • Circuit Challenges (15/20mins)

  • Cool Down (5mins)


Exploring Time

When the session begins we provide a small amount of time for the children to settle into the surroundings and visit their favorite piece of apparatus.  We find this format allows a relaxed start to the session and lets the youngsters climatise / run of a bit of steam before we start our warm up.


Warm Up & Hand Apparatus

When the warm up begins you will hear our special "Hello" song indicating it is time to come and join us in the circle.  Once introductions are complete, some children wave, some say hello and some simply smile, we discuss out theme for the week before we start our songs.  Every half term we have a new warm up song providing enough time for you to get to know it and not too long for it to drive you mad!  After the first song we have one or two more action songs (age depending) followed by our hand apparatus activities.  During hand apparatus time we play and balance and stretch and work out using a variety of items.  We use hoops, tap sticks, balls, soft changes every week depending on the gives us a chance to build in some good gymnastics basics without it getting too repetitive!


Activity Circuit Challenges

The layout of the gym has a large circuit on the outside and space in the middle,  Once the middle space has been used for warm up and hand apparatus it becomes the "Have a go hoop" challenge where challenges such as jumping, balaning and rolling are the focus with shiny stars as rewards for effort.  The coaches work between the large circuit providing information for new challenges and in the middle to encourage and support all.


Cool Down

Just before we go it is time to slow everything down.  We change the lively music and provided a tranquil setting in which to complete a final hand apparatus activity using scarves, ribbons or feathers before it is time to finish with a bit of a sparkle.....well we are Gym Gems after all.


Joining in

You are encouraged to find the right pace for your child as all children develop differently and we want you and your child to be happy and grow in confidence at their own speed.  A few will join in everything from day one, some take a few weeks to settle to the routine and others are content working things out for themselves.  Whichever level suits your little one suits us, as we believe that is the best way for children to thrive.